Good Casual Handwriting Font

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Can anyone recommend a good quality, casual, legible handwriting font?

(Sorry if this is a common question?)

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Hi Jon,

brandnew and with lots of OpenType alternates (that help to evoke a truly handwritten feel): Suomi Hand.
Equally intelligent, with ‘print’ letters: FF Duper.
If you are looking for a clever connected script: Handsome.
Free with some Adobe applications: the beautiful hand of renowned Swiss typographer Max Caflisch, Caflisch Script.
A lot more casual script fonts in this FontList.

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Thanks Florian,

Suomi is great and we have already have purchased this, I had forgotten about Caflisch which is also very good, but a bit too even. I think its somewhere between the two.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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You are welcome. I'll add Dyna & Dolce.

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Thanks Stephen, nice font a bit too friendly for what we need though.

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Freedom Writer is a beauty I've been eyeing.

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Between Suomi Hand and Caflisch: Amadeo, Fineprint, MVB Calliope

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Thanks dianzina, very nice, too beautiful for this project though.

Thanks Stephen, bang on! I purchased Amandeo, but my art director didn't like it! great suggestion though. We ended up with P22 Vincent, which is surprisingly cool.

Thanks for all the suggestion they were really helpful.

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Your art director clearly has an ear for good fonts. :-)

As you're a brand and packaging designer might want to double-check the EULA.

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@ Jon >We ended up with P22 Vincent

I hope you will never need it for German text. The Eszett (germandbls, ß) of Vincent is crap: just a modified uppercase B. Many non-German type designers think the ß was an uppercase character, but it is strictly lower case*.

* Unicode 5.X has an uppercase ß now, but the need for it is contested.

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Another vote for Suomi. Have added it to the Cart, and plan to purchase it this year!

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