Pawn shop opening times

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I went to see an exhibition today on the life of women in Helsinki 100 years ago. In one room there was an old aluminium pawn shop sign which stated opening times as: 10–1/2 4, that is 10 to 15.30. In Finnish, puoli neljä (puoli = half, neljä = 4) is the same as half past three, but I've never seen it written like the sign in the museum. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures there, I would've loved to show it to you!

Below is a very rough reconstruction of the essence of the sign (as per requested by Chris!)

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Can you reconstruct it in some simple way that we could see it?

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Thanks, Mili! That is very strange looking but then I am not even a Finn.

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That's cool – FWIW it would be understandable in German too, as that is also the way we say it.

On a sort-of laterally-related note, the Swiss 50 cent coin reads "½ Fr." (for «Franc»/«Franken»), which visitors usually find funny, or confusing, or both.

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Oh, I think that coin's pretty clear!

@Chris, After a couple of blinks the sign made perfect sense, I've just never seen anything like it.

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"½ Fr." is greatly more informative than "ONE DIME". It even beats its counterpart "QUARTER DOLLAR" because it's in numerals and doesn't require the language.

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