Psyops Armchair pairing?

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hi all,

i'm looking for a matching companion to psyops armchair modern. i'm planning to use armchair as the display type and need a good match for regular text.

thanks: lars

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… a view on armchair? would help.

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In lieu of the deafening silence on this, might I suggest the rather obvious Eurostile Extended?
For more personality, Carl Crossgrove's new Biome. He says it's a display face, but IMO it does pretty good text as well.
And somewhat off the wall, picking up on the unicase style of Armchair, my own Panoptica Sans Regular.

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hi nick,

thanks for the suggestions. actually i'm looking for one that will work at small sizes (like 14pt) like on a drinks menu when armchair is used for the bar's logo on that menu.
you're suggestions would definately work, but i'm looking for a more clearly "visual difference" on that 2 faces... i will give biome a try nevertheless. i guess even it's maybe more a display face, it's fine using it for the "drinks-menu-purpose".

thanks: lars

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