REGLES:ZERO type magazine

Joe Pemberton's picture

I was disappointed to see that the latest version
of this e-zine included free fonts from Apostrophic Labs.

I'm assuming Apostrophic Labs is synonymous with
Apostrophe--the person caught up in the font piracy
affair last year. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Hrant, it doesn't take a lot of mental time to
simply be disappointed.

Still, Xero is nice, regardless of its designer.

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Joe, you need to buzz on over to and find the thread(s) about Frederic Nader and Typeworx. It'll take some mental time, but it'll bring you up to speed. Or maybe Scoles has some of those nifty links.


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Joe, let it go already.
Spend the mental time making stuff instead (like I know you do so well).


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