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I'm in need of help with some matching for a booklet I'm designing. I'm trying to figure out a good serif to match with Brauer Neue from Electrosmog. I've gone through most I could think of on my list but nothing is really spot on. I would of course like a serif with oldstyle figures and small caps since it's a heck of a lot of text. Because of the height and the rounded corners of Brauer, a lot of classical serifs (Caslon etc) don't work. Garamond looks a bit too fiddly and Baskerville just lacks character. There is a nice Swedish font called Berling but it does not have oldstyle numbers and SC. Any advice folks?


Simon, London

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Hi Simon,

check Berling Nova, complete with small caps, osf and extra sc figures. There even are semi caps aswell, although they don’t seem to be included in the Linotype version.

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There are a lot of contemporary serif faces that are somewhat condensed and have a large x-height, such as my own Pratt Pro.

Failing that kind of proportional matching, you could go for matching the "ink gain" (assuming that's what the roundedness of Brauer signifies) with a "chubby" face such as Dolly or in a more oldstyle vein, my own Paradigm Pro. A more offbeat rounded partner for Brauer: Souvenir.

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