Font in BMW Nav Unit

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BMW updated their nav/control unit in 2010 models and IMO they did an excellent job selecting new typeface for it. It looks clean, restrained and contemporary. The question of course is what it is:


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Just looks like helvetica to me.

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Hmm, it is sure pretty close, but what confused me was that it looks rounded and somewhat condensed compared to Helvetica. Also the top curve of /a/s bowl seems different.

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Oh Ok I thought maybe the view was at an angle (thus condensing it a little). Also the c at least isn't the same.

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akzidenz grotesk is closer i think.

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It looks like BMW's custom typeface BMW-Sans to me. This would make sense too as it is a key element of BMW's corporate identity. It was designed in 2002 by Dalton Maag for Interbrand, closely related to Helvetica but with subtle differences including angled stroke termini which aren't parallel with the baseline.

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Interesting, this didn't occur to me... though it should've. Thanks, Benjamin.

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