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hello typophiles,

this is my first post at this topic. I have to redesign a logo for a sports-company. the color black/red and the subline "germany" were given. what do you, typophiles think about icon and typo?

ps: the original icon was also a twisted "metal"-band.
the typography is a raw sketch for a first impression.

thanks, romesh

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Hi romesh,

this is a nicely sportive and powerful logo.

Instead of going into typographic details (I find, for instance, the G in Germany too light and hence would make its arm longer; I'd also fine tune the letterspacing in Germany), I'll just tell you my first overall impression: the icon itself, being a letter, has a distinctive typographic quality of its own, competing with the equally strong Sagim/Germany typeface.

I do clearly see that, striving for typographic integrity, you've designed the S icon as a variation of the Sagim typeface. But, for me, there's still too much "typographic power".

Since it may be quite subjective, I'd be interested in knowing whether anyone shares this impression of mine.

While realizing that another typeface would only add to what I think is a slight typographic overload, I'd possibly like to see Germany in another (more conservative/generic) typeface than Sagim.


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I would make the "Sagim Germany" smaller, so that there

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These are nothing more than rough sketches.

1 Featuring modified S and G, small ink traps in the bigger A and M and a slightly different spacing.

2 And here the cheapest trick ever, a line length fitted second line.

The major differences in letter shape.


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Romesh, please explain how they intend to use the logo. Is it a Nike type thing or is it only going to be small? Will the S ever be used alone? Is it for clothing or equipment, or both?

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the logo will be printed on different products e.g. tools, watches etc.
only the "s" should work alone. I'll have to make a second version for a small usage.

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Knowing the application of the logo, I think its very strong. Good work Romesh!

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