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I've decided to vote for the Liberal Democrats in the forthcoming British election. I think what finally swayed me was Brian Eno's music on their election broadcast - made it so epic and meaningful. Who would you vote for?

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You're going to vote for a party based on the music they use in their election broadcast? Ain't democracy grand! I guess we should be thankful that Nick Griffin probably isn't into Brian Eno.

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that's the thing. Brian Eno would never support the BNP. At least I hope he wouldn't, 'cos then I'd have to start looking at their policies. Forced emigration anyone? ;)

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But does Eno music on the Lib Deb broadcast necessarily mean he supports them? Or simply that they've obtained permission to use his material? (I haven't seen/heard the broadcast: if he specifically wrote for it, then OK)

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That's what I wondered when I saw the broadcast. I thought it would be unlikely that he'd give them permission if he wasn't a supporter. So I looked it up, and found out he is. In fact, he's the party's youth representative. BTW the music is the classic 'Ending (An Ascent)' from his Apollo album.

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What font are they using? If I were in the UK I'd write-in the new Dr Who. :-)

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I thought font usage would be an interesting side-issue. I'll try and piece together a sample of all the main parties.

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In fact, he's the party's youth representative.

He's 61. A very liberal interpretation of "youth".

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Here's the three main parties pasted together:

All pretty dull really. I suppose of slight note is the Conservatives use of upper case serif lettering, which looks like a bit of a retreat from their modern, friendly, over-moisturised current image.

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This thread is spam.

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I beg your pardon. What on earth are you talking about?

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I'm personally quite excited that my town might vote the first Green MP, Caroline Lucas, into Westminster. I think she's very good. Here's their banner:

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Spam? Who cares? Everything relates to typography. Quite amazing.
Also, your post on Apple's non-efforts in fonts and typography I think, wins you a pint from Mr. Simon Daniels.
Where Microsoft Beats Apple

>the new Dr Who

I saw a promo for it last night, it flashed by quick, but I thought the icon they came up with based on the "W" transformed into the phone booth was really cool.


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Any thread that doesn't interest Joe is spam.

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> I think, wins you a pint from Mr. Simon Daniels.

Indeed, and one from KevLar too. Thanks!

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@ Bloodtype

The Liberal Democrats belong to the same fraction as the German FDP in the European parliament. And the German FDP is a market-extremist party, the most dangerous party in Germany. The FDP wants to extend the duration of German nuclear power plants. I wonder, if they share the word liberal in their names only. And if not, I wonder, why they are in the same fraction as the German FDP.

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My first post was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment about how easily we can be swayed: e.g. by a powerful piece of music or a celebrity endorsement. I think, since an election campaign is essentially advertising, it has quite a lot of relevance. Plus, I did post it in the 'anything goes' section.

@Arno; I guess 'liberal' can be used to refer to a lot of things. Please explain what fraction the two parties share - is this in the EU parliament?

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Again, a very similar font to the rest (except the Tories, but they use also use a sans for posters). Someone with more knowledge than me could name them all.

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@ Bloodtype

It’s the fraction ALDE of the European parliament. And the FDP is one of the two partners of the actual German government (our junta).

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Here, just before the first election debate, we see the three main leaders: Cameron wearing a blue tie, Clegg yellow, and Brown not red but pink. A subtle departure from the the campaign trail norm, or just an irrelevant load of bollocks?

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I think the Green party one is TheSans?

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I think you mean faction, not fraction. And I don't think anybody would ever call the Liberal democrats extremist or dangerous.

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Last night's Have I Got News was classic but there is a classic Reginald D Hunter on youtube!

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The Labour broadcast was presented by Eddie Izzard. He's great too, but I wish he'd worn a bit of lipstick or eyeliner; that would have been superb.

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Sorry to revert back to a previous statement 'Bloodtype'. Regarding the Brian Eno Track 'Ending (An Ascent)'. I believe this track was used for the film '28 Day Later' When the UK was ravaged by an infection. By no means am I saying the Lib Dem's are an infection, you could do a lot worse. Lib Dem are second, ahead of a void to the tories.

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Well Stee85, it's a great song that can add to the emotion of anything it's played: good or bad, happy or sad. I think it's most poignant usage was for an NSPCC ad about the baby that didn't cry anymore, because he knew no-one would come to help him.

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I highly recommend ignoring Joe Clark.

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Clegg talks about the "old parties" all the time. Pretty funny, when the Lib Dems are the oldest of the lot. Admittedly it's about 100 years since they last won an election.

My favourite joke in the last few days:

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