Mac OS 10.3.5 vs Font Management

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Am I the only one in the land about to go mad over Fonts Behaving Badly? I use Font Reserve, and strive to manage my (assuredly too large) font collection by running fonts through Font Doctor before adding them. Yet often the fonts go bad and I get "Internal Runtime Error" messages. I'm trying to reload from the original font CDs, yet still this happens. Once good, obedient fonts are now seemingly useless. In the past couple of months I've spent literally dozens of hours trying to solve this. I find Font Reserve to be slow and inefficient to work with. Fellow Mac/Pantherites: what are you using for Font Mangement Utility? Any tips on how to get this all to run more smoothly?

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After fighting with Font Reserve for a few months, our publishing company switched to a manual font management system.

Because our main apps are all from Adobe (InD, PS, AI), we activate fonts by putting them in the Library : Application Support : Adobe : Fonts folder.

We created an alias of this folder, named "Active Fonts," and put it on the desktop to make adding and deleting fonts more convenient. Since OSX recognizes fonts within subfolders, we group all of the fonts required for a project into a single folder, and then add or remove it from the Active Fonts alias.

Using the Library : Application Support : Adobe : Fonts folder ensures that the fonts are available in our design apps, while not choking programs like Word and Entourage that don't like dealing with large numbers of open fonts.

(Another step that made life easier was eliminating the use of Multiple Master fonts, and replacing them with their OpenType equivalents.)

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I use FontAgent Pro, but like Marc, I often only want fonts active in Adobe apps, and then I use Dave Saunder's handy little Applescript.

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I tried the solution listed above (creating an alias of the Adobe:Fonts folder). I copied in a folder of 4 open type fonts, and then opened InDesign CS, but it couldn't see them. I then rebooted the machine, but it still couldn't see them. I opened them with Apple's FontBook, and they worked. I could see the fonts in the Library:Application Support:Adobe:Fonts folder. Is there a step I missed?

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