Thick & Thin, experimental font in progress

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Hello together!

I would like to get some crits on my new "Thick & Thin"-Font. It is relatively experimental and readability seems to be limited. I think the construction rules are quite obvious: Each letter consists of one "thick" simple shape and one thin line.
The font is not yet finished, some symbols are missing and I'm not happy with some letters.

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I like it. Quirky and a little bit retro.

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I like it too. There's a touch of Art Deco and old-fashioned electronic cicuitry. N & W are the two letters that don't work for me. I also think some of the thick strokes in the lower case could be thinner, such as h, k, m & n.

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Wow.. really good look of this..!! :D if you reach solve all I believe this will be a really good font..!!
- I found several troubles in this current work that confuse me. you "i" looks like "u" beside to "c" pattern... I read "thuck" instead "thick"

- I really love your ampersand

- "e" top could be rotate 90º to right

- "n" looks like "h" (if I don't have watched that before)

- "s" and "t" are a little confuse.. I don't know how solve the "s" but your "t" may be you could follow the same "r" pattern but reflect down the thin line.

- "v" and "w" need review for me.

and well.. is amazing challenge to solve.. hope you can complete successfuly this work.

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I'm very happy to get positive resonance according this font.
Many thanks for the suggestions!
I already changed the "e" and I will review the other letters as well.

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