Announcement: Type 3.0 font editor released

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Type 3.0 OpenType font editor has recently been released.

Major new features include:
- OpenType layout features (eg simple to add ligatures - make sure the correctly named glyphs are present, then tick the 'standard ligatures' box).
- User-defined Actions that can be run over ranges of glyphs to perform transformations etc.
- User-defined composite glyph creation (an example file is included that will generate the Greek Extented unicode block).

For Windows 7, XP, 2000 & 98 (ps there are no plans for a Mac version).

Allan Murray

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> (ps there are no plans for a Mac version)

Therein lies the problem for me.

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Therein lies the problem for me.

I second the motion. If I have to pick between Windows or Fontlab for Mac, Fontlab wins.

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But James, FontLab for Windows is so much better than FontLab for Mac. :)

Type 3.0 looks quite interesting, and I'll probably test it when I have some time.

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I did start porting it to Mac a couple of years ago (version 2.0 I think), but turned out to be a much larger task than I first imagined - would be twice as large now... so Windows only.



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