Typeface with support for cyrillic?

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Anybody now any decent typefaces for magazine design which comes with support for cyrillic text? I'm not too picky at this moment since I'm struggling to find anything at all...
Thanks in advance!

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Sophia Safayeva's font Novinka will be available in a few weeks according to an e-mail.

PDF from http://www.typefacedesign.org/2006/

There is an email address in the PDF. The font was a winner in a recent Russian competition, but I have lost that link.
The designer or maybe the vendor has a site at http://www.scapelab.ru/

I do not read or speak russian ...J. Tillman

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We have a variety of fonts with Cyrillic support on AscenderFonts. Not sure if you are looking for headline fonts, or text families... but you'll find a variety that might give you some ideas.

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Well there is always Paratype

Any you might consider looking at Leska by Alexandra Korolkova.

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Many of the Parachute-fonts support cyrillic, eastern europe and greek languages.

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You could have a look at Cyrillic fonts at MyFont that are tagged with "magazine" and see what you like.

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Art.Lebedev has some nice fonts as well.

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Another place to look, is the Letterhead studio.

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Thank you very much for your assistance! I will have a look and see if there's something interesting in the links you provided.


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Also Skolar has Cyrillic which is ready for release. If you need it, contact TypeTogether via their contact form.

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Anyone’s mentioned Adobe, Linotype and Monotype Cyrillics?

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Every Adobe Pro font has support for Cyrillic and Greek.

Some foundries, as FontFont, adopt different naming criteria and has Pro fonts without Cyrillic support.

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Igor said Every Adobe Pro font has support for Cyrillic and Greek.

That’s not quite correct, see this thread: Is "PRO" really "PRO"

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.. see this thread: Is "PRO" really "PRO"..

One time during lunch at work I noticed an extra large carton of o.j. having a subtitle "Professional". It made me think: apparently there are professional orange juice drinkers around, where I'm just an amateur. It must be the same with fonts, somehow.

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Don't forget PT Sans (http://www.paratype.com/public/) It's a nice sans text face with excellent Cyrillic and Latin coverage (though it doesn't have much Greek, which precludes it from being a truly pan-European face). And its free, both as in beer and as in freedom (view the changelog to download a copy that they released under the OFL)

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My Constantia type includes Cyrillic support and is being used by at least two magazines: a Finnish cultural journal and American Cowboy.

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