In the news: Univers Next, 669 chars incl. Small Caps, Old Style Figures and stylistic alternates

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I’ll just stick with Bitstream Zurich, thanks.

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Only 699 characters, what a gyp!

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How many you gots, J-Mo?

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The family I'm currently working on has 915 per font. No OS figures. At the moment there are 100 fonts in the family (no italics) I was hoping to get to 520, but I think I'll have to pace myself.

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When I got the big Frutiger book, Typefaces, The Complete Works, I was surprised by the greater warmth of the original Univers, as I had always felt that Univers was a bit chilly in its look, lacking in charm for all its polish. Upon seeing the comparison of the original, warmer Deberny & Peignot version, I realized that the coldness was a product of redrawing for Linotype and other subtle changes over the years.

Now I can see that Frutiger and his collaborators (Kobayashi?) seem to have restored the more attractive look of the original, at least from what I can tell on screen. At the Linotype site you can bring up both the old and new, and judge for yourself.

So aside from the new proliferation of weights and glyphs, I do think that the site's claim of restoring the "humanism" of Univers isn't just BS. I'm very glad that Frutiger has been able to restore Frutiger and Univers to the designs he wanted.

The differences are very subtle, but you can feel them--and feel them more than see them.

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