"the", "and" and other vintage word-dingbats

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Hello, I remember seeing wedding invitation that use dingbats that actually spell out commonly used words like "the", "and" and others in a vintage style. Can somebody please recommend fonts that include those, or at least tell what the proper name for them is... thank you

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They're called "catchwords"

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FF Catch Words!

(Forgot how to do links for a second, sorry! Still can't get the first one to work...)

EDIT: Thanks, Craig. A space in the beginning of the post would really annoy me, though :)

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There's a bug where links that start a post don't work. Putting another character (even a space) before the brackets will work.

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Brothers from Emigre is one of the best known fonts with catchwords
(they call them «Word Logos»).

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Dan, the leading space will actually not get displayed and your lines will still appear flush left, but it gets the Filtered HTML format link to work.

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Thanks, Kent. I'll keep that in mind.

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thank you guys!

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