The comet and the star

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Hello again! This logo is for an organization helping elders in need.

The first version of the symbol is a quieter one and resembles a comet:

The second one adds more sparkle, but feels flashy (and masonic?):

Any thoughts? Thanks you!

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The first one reminds me the warning symbol for laser*. Which I don't think is a good association.
I like the second one (and "flashy" goes well with "happy").
One thing you could try is less star and more sun.


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Yes, the second one. In the first one the joy is too timid/weak, and remains enclosed and contained within the dark "D". In the second it breaks free. Seems really very good.
(I don't see a masonic connection?)

Other things:
- The mark might be too small compared to the type below.
- The italic type seems possibly a bit too big compared to the «HAPPYDAYS».
- The «HAPPYDAYS» will eventually benefit from a bit of kerning love.

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In fact, I'm very agree according by altaira and riccardO said, with the second alternative of your star, but specially in that of size of "foundation" and I guess your "H" of your logo have the same size of the "HAPPYDAYS", so I would like to see the comparision between both alternative sizes, that current and such one were the image logo was a little bit grow and italic very small than CAPITAL phrase.

Just for be a better perspective.

PS: and sorry for my messy english ever.

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Thank you! As always, great comments.

I will try to play with the sizes, like you suggested (although I'm pretty fond of the same-point-size for all the three elements as it is now). Now that you all pointed it out, it's obvious to me you are right about the timid laser-sun in the first example. Ricard0, I will try to sunny the star.

I'll also pay more attention to the kerning and post the results.

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OK. I can't work it into a sun in this concept without making the symbol too complicated. But I'm happy with the star-light.

Here is the logo with more attention to kerning:

Next, I've made the "foundation" smaller:

Finally, I've also enlarged the mark:

Conceptually, "foundation" is quite important, as they'll be communicating mostly to raise money, so number 1 seems most appropriate to me. On the other hand, as it is not part of the name, perhaps it should be smaller, as in number 2. In the 3rd version the symbol just seems too bold. But if treated in a lighter color, it might just balance with the black text.

For now, I'd go with 1 or 2. Thank you again for your competent comments.

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For foundation, I would try a size in-between #1 and #2.

I like the bigger logo in #3, but agree that in its current state it's a bit too dark.

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For the curious, here is how the business cards turned out:

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like it!

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Nice, but I would have centered the logo.

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Yes, the logo needs to be centered.

The final version reminds me of this:

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Ha! The Dole logo reminds me of the good old days of communism when, at age 10, I first tasted a banana. Believe me, that logo has a whole lot of flavor to me. I think I had the sticker on my grandparents' door frame for a long time.

Childhood influences.

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Align to "Angela" on the left, I agree.

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Haha, nice. I also have pleasant memories tied to Dole. Growing up, my dad always chopped peaches and put them in a plastic bag with a sprinkle of sugar as my dessert in my bagged lunch. Oh how I miss bagged lunches.

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