Type system for Print & Screen

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I'm planning to use "Amplitude" for a branding project.
It looks great on offset print.
But i'm not very sure about how it will look on screen - for the website.
how it will print with screen printing ( for stationary?)
Please enlighten!

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How well the typeface works for on-screen use will depend on the size: expect the "ink-trap" elements to pretty much disappear below 16 point or so. And silk-screening for stationery? Not recommended if the stationery will be going through a laser printer...

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If you plan on using it on a web site you’ll need to get a special license from Font Bureau. So you might as well contact them and see if they’ve already done studies into screen use of Amplitude or have screen versions for licensing.

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Thanks Oldnick & James.

I think i should do some experiments and then write back
Thanx again!

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