Opentype numeral wierdness

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ok, i've just encountered a small bit of OT wierdness, that, being a generous guy, thought i'd share.

so i created some text in illy cs. the text included had some proportional oldstyle numerals set in an OT font. i printed it to pdf (as an illy editable file). all fine & dandy.

then i tried to select the text and paste it from the pdf into an HTML joy: i got lots of little boxes. that's the first odd thing.

then, looking for a work-around, i opened the pdf in illy. all fine. tried to paste text from illy into same email. lots of little boxes.

finally, with a growing sense of disorientation, i changed the font in illy, from the OT font to another OT font. the numbers displayed fine, but still wouldn't paste out of the doc. i then changed the font to a non opentype font, and I actually got a string of question marks in illy.

i don't understand why the glyphs haven't been correctly substituted:/

to quote charlie parker: 'what in the WOOURLD is wrong here with ma opentype?'

any pointers appreciated.

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here's some of the text i've been having problems with.

(c.400k illustrator 11 file)

wha'.ai (428.4 k)

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i think you figgered it out - the glyphs have probably been named incorrectly. but let's wait to hear from an expert on the subject to see if that's truly the case...

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A lot of us have been at the ATypI conference in Prague the last few days.

What version of Acrobat are you using to view and copy the text with?

Do OpenType fonts from Adobe show the same problem, or not?



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hi thomas,

all the files i referred to above were generated using Adobe CS, so that'll be acrobat 6.

when i open the above file (wha_-50143) in illustrator (v11), the numerals on the left-hand column display correctly with any OT font (adobe or otherwise). when i try to convert them to a non-OT font, the numerals are replaced by question marks (see right-hand column.

it's the same if i copy and paste the text into MS word, for example. numbers are good in OT fonts, but get those box placeholder glyphs in non-OT. i'm running win2000 professional.

thanks for your help. hope things are good in prague!


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just for kicks, i tried the steps i described in my first post with myriad pro (opentype). same setup, thats Adobe CS on win2000 pro.

1. set proportional oldstyle numbers in illustrator using myriad pro.
2. paste from illy into notepad. glyphs convert fine into courier.
3.print to pdf, and paste from there into notepad.glyphs convert fine into courier. pdf in illy and paste from illy into notepad. get boxes.

my ignorance should be clear by now, but nevertheless, i'd be much oblidged if anyone could explain the result in step 4. is it a pdf thing?

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