what is the correct way to format this text?

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Im looking at the tel, fax, email text in the bottom left. which (if any) is the correct way to lay these out?

thanks phil.

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b looks a hell of a lot better. But what you should really be focusing on is finding some way to distract people from that abomination of a logo.

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plus you need to put an 'r' in sunde[r]land!

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typo in my additional info, woops!

anything to say about the post?

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Second one, and I would also outdent "address".

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Something is wrong with the 't'.

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The second one is better.
I'd prefer a layout like this:

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That "r" for Sunderland keeps me stumped. There is no Sunderland there. With "r" or not.
Name centered works best, but overall feel of the card is not the best.

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I've seen that font before, with that ugly descending "t"… some free font, right?
I wouldn't use that, it looks like a mistake. (I'm not sure your font combination works anyway, to be honest.)

BTW, "fax", "email", and "web" aren't abbreviations, why use a period?

Also: If you can, please do make all the shades of blue the same. It looks like they might be supposed to be the same but clearly aren't, but there's not enough difference to make it look deliberate.

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I was going to say what Nina just said about the periods.

Tomi: the reference to Sunderland is in Philip's profile, not his post.

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I was going to say what Nina just said about the ugly /t/. :-)

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plus you need to put an 'r' in sunde[r]land!

Plus you need to put an 'http://' in front of www.philipreadman.co.uk.

[edit] Funny, it does not seem to be necessary in posts but it is in the profile. I guess half of the Typophile profiles have invalid homepage links because of that.

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You should probably still split the seven digits of the phone numbers into three and four with a hyphen or space. It helps people to parse them and keep track of them in short term memory.

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Nina: it's Colaborate, methinks.

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Yes, that was it. Thanks Dave.

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