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I am currently typesetting a book for a client one chapter of which deals with quangos and in essence is a long list over five pages [230 lines in all] . See sample text below

Ireland has a lot of quangos, including (take a breath) Advisory Board for Irish Aid; Advisory Committee on Cultural Relations; Advisory Council to the Commission for Taxi Regulation; Advisory Science Council; Aer Rianta; Affordable Homes Partnership; Agency for Personal Service Overseas; Appeal Commissioners for purposes of Tax Acts; Aquaculture Licences Appeals Board; Area Development Management; Army Pensions Board; Arramara Teoranta; Arts Council; Attorney General; Ballyfermot Partnership; Ballymun Partnership; Bioresearch Ireland; Blanchardstown Area Partnership; Blood Transfusion Service Board; Bord Altranais; Bord Bia; Bord Fáilte Éireann; Bord Glas; Bord Iascaigh Mhara; Bord na gCon

The author and publisher would line this list to start at 10.5 point and gradually decrease until it become miniscule. I have tried a few different ideas but am not taken by any of them.

Any suggestions on how to make it look good gratefully appreciated.

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You might try composing your list, then saving it as a PDF. Open the PDF in Photoshop and apply Perspective. Flatten the image, use the type tool to set one entry, then compare it to each line and resize it to determine the point size of that line...

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Why not post what you have up on the critique boards? It might be easier to give feedback/advice when looking at something.

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how about: Set your copy to the largest size you'll b e using. Then select the second line and everything below it and reduce the size by one increment. then select the third line and every thing below it and reduce to the next smaller size, and so on until you get to the to the bottom. The copy will automatically flow to fit your column width, with a minimum of touch ups.

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What Russell said seemed pretty logical to me; I was playing with doing that shortly after the original post & it seems to work well enough. Of course, it might start as "over five pages [230 lines in all]" but it doesn't end that way! My test with dummy text ended up about a page and a third. You'd have to experiment with the size of the increment (or decrement, heh) to find what will reduce to the overall coverage that you want...

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