Prater for Kids Products?

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and am hoping for some advice, as fonts are not my strong-suit. I need to choose a font to represent a company producing products for little kids (2-6) - it will be used for the logo and product names too. Think fun & crafty.

My favorite is Prater -

It seems playful, and the different formats would be useful for different applications as the company grows.

Other contenders were Handsome, Bello, and Klepto, but they didn't seem as flexible. What do you guys think about using Prater? Or any other suggestions?


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Surely Prater is conveniently extensive in styles.
My only concern is that it's maybe more suitable for slightly older kids...

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Thanks Riccard0 thats an interesting thought - do you mean because it looks more fun than "cute"? Handsome is more "pretty" but I thought it was a little too "baby"....

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I was thinking of something softer and/or rounder (than Prater).

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