A dead hour in Typophile

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I've noticed that after around 11 p.m. London time, there is a huge drop of posts for about an hour or two.

Is this because of dinner(NY), leaving work (MI), leaving work early (CA), early lunch (NZ and AU) or pubs closing in England?

Or is there some downtime thingy in Typophile maintenance?

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I suspect the demographics for Typophile members account for that.

11 pm is 12 pm in a huge swath of Europe: lunch time! Can't talk with our mouths full, can we? (In addition, it seems 'we' Europeans have no moral qualms about some browsing during work time, as it seems to pick up again after lunch.)

The Americans are still asleep at that time; perhaps the occasional Australian night-owl is still on-line.

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Well, I was refering right now: 11 p.m, not 11. a.m., around European lunch time. Many times this forum dies down about now (of course not today).

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Hah -- I must'of gotten confused because it's already a.m. where I am ...

Same reasoning still possible? "Everyone else gone to bed?" Me, I'm a night-owl, much to the chagrin of my co-workers 'the next morning'.

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And I forgot daylight savings time. That's why I was thinking it was so lively an hour ago.

Now take a look.

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I think this is the middle of that dead hour.

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I'm usually rushing to finish up or (if I'm lucky) headed out for the evening by 6-7pm NYC time.

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we need a typophile version of this


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Or a multilingual version of "Hamlet" ?

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