Telltale, a low contrast serif

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Hello again-

This is Telltale, a study of low contrast in serif style. Once again it is fairly narrow to work in Finnish language (ääliö älä lyö, ööliä läikkyy, senkin sikaniskainen kaupunkiinmuuttajapaskiainen). I tried to make it low in contrast without making it look fat.

Italics are under production, so samples in pdf are somewhat random.

Any comments?

Telltale.pdf170.05 KB
Telltale2.pdf182.56 KB
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I wonder if the /s/ serifs close up too much, but its spine is beautifully done. The thin long stroke of /y/ looks light to me. Having seen your other fonts I'm guessing that the /g/ is untouchable? :-) /M/ looks very good.

Figures look good though both /2/s bug me with that serif, and both /4/s look too slight.

The name is quite good; I get a storybook vibe from this.

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Looks like a great font is going to be born once more.
Didn't mean to say anything at all at first, since it looked so good.

Now on close inspection I'm with eliason about the serif of the 2, (also 7, T, E, s etc). I can see the pointed angle is not a bug, it's a feature ;-) but maybe it looks better when it's a bit shorter (like with the Euro [lining figures]).
The right arm of the r looks too thick (and perhaps too short) to me, in particular where it connects to the stem.
The axis of the g is out of tune with, say, e or s.
Ah, and the opening single quote is (mirrored) upside down.


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Thank you for the insight. I attached a new pdf with corrections from your posts. That g was really out of wack indeed. And now with more italics.

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I realize I should have been more clear - when I said the /4/s look slight, I meant that they look small (especially, narrow), not light. "Slight" in proportions, not in stroke weight.
I also forgot to mention I'm not persuaded by that @, which looks /d/-like and flat on the right.

Italic /p/ is defintely too wide. Italic /e/ probably, too. Italic /u/ might be too narrow?

Did you consider other structures for italic /x/? And a single-story /g/ might be nice for the italic (though perhaps that's in the works as an alternate already).

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Hi, Craig-

I did get your meaning with 4, just went at it somewhat haphazardly.

@ is something of a pet peeve of mine: generic @ is what it is; generic no matter what font you use. Like copying and pasting instead of design. Mine is too narrow right now, though.

Italic p is too wide. And x in work in progress, and I do have a single-storey g. I think two-storey should be there as an alternate.

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