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Q1) Okay, lets pretend for a minute that I actually finish one of my fonts. What is the next step to release it through a reputable foundry?

Q2) Would it be appropriate to show samples from incomplete fonts? It think I would be more motivated to finish a font if I thought I could sell it.

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I meant send incomplete fonts to type foundries.

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No. When you put it that way it sounds kind of silly. What I mean is

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Submitting to font houses:

My view is that you need to show them that:
1. You know how to do the different things
necessary in type design, like kerning
weight compensation, odd sorts, etc.
But you don't to carry *all* of that
out to get their attention.
2. You need to show an understanding of what
you need to do to make your font salable,
including the committment to finish it.
And note that some font houses (like Bitstream)
will finish the font for you.

BTW, I've personally become partial to MyFonts.

What fun is that?


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If they like the design, some font houses will
get involved going on as little as "hamburgevons."
Very, very few fonts sold these days have manually
hinted outlines, delta or otherwise. With
programs like FL4 and BitFonter, there's a strong
case to be made for dumping hints in favor of
screen bitmaps.

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As to Q1), I'm still trying to work through that one myself. The people at have been very helpful in sending me information for selling through their service.

As far as Q2), I say go for it! The disclaimer at the top of the Critique Forum points out that there is neither any font too complete nor too incomplete to post to the forum. And for the rest of us, I know we all check several times a day to see if any knew font has been posted. ;) (Well, okay -- I know I do, anyway. And people say I don't have a life.... :D Hah! What do they know? ;) )


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Are you suggesting that sending incomplete fonts
to foundries is a good way to get noticed?

You can have a life! Did you know these
forums will automatically email you when
there's a new post. Just register (click Login/Register
in the left nav) and set your preferences to
your liking. Select any topic of your choice for
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Actually, I have registered. However, when I log in, it doesn't recognize my password. I've tried re-registering, but it won't let me do that with my current e-mail address.

And no, I wasn't suggesting sending incomplete fonts to foundries. I misunderstood his question, and thought he was referring to posting here. Apologies for the embarassing misunderstanding.

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