Shy font?

I am completing my shyness book and I'm looking for a typeface to use on the cover.

I've been thinking of foil stamping on different materials to get an illusion/hidden effect.

Any recommendations for a 'shy' font or any suggestion on printing techniques that would give an illusion/hidden effect?



russellm's picture

clear matte ink on a glossy paper.

ultra light sans.

Pomeranz's picture

What about Goupil Pro from Nonpareille?

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That looks like the font that UW-Green Bay should switch to to save ink

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Oh the possibilities.

You could go really small and use a really flamboyant font (what ever you think that may be). It would suggest you have confidence, but you don't like to bring attention to yourself.

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Courier New, absolutely.
(Oh, sorry. I thought the title was "Shyster Font".)

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