Cheap alternative to TransType, anyone?

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Hello there,

As far as I can see, this forum is sponsored by FontLab, which is good...the thing that bothers me is that I need a batch font conversion utility (TTF to PS1), possibly shareware or (even better) freeware. I suppose, this question was asked before here, but the search feature is not the strongest & brightest feature of the forum software.

Any help will be appreciated

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If you have a linux emulator installed, or perhaps a live CD/installation, you can use this open source software:

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yes, I saw this...but I'm pure Windows user...

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Have you checked fontforge?

It can be run under scripting mode, so you could do a batch conversion. As far as I know, it runs under cygwin-X11 on windows.

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FontDoctor will convert fonts. It can be purchased separately but it often bundled with Suitcase.

The latest version supposedly will convert to OT but I suspect this would only be useful on single fonts (as opposed to trying to incorporate families or expert fonts into a superfont).

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