VFB rescue

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My FontLab vfb-file got corrupted, no fun at all.. anyone know a way to maybe save at least a part of it??

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A number of workarounds are mentioned in this thread.

I hope one of these works for you!

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thanks, but the vbf-file can´t be opened in FL anymore..thus can´t be exported as a UFO.

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Where are your .bak files saved?

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they are set not to be saved..that´s part of the problem..

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@ Toby

For the future:

1. Create a folder
2. Do one working step
4. Save vfb in the created folder
5. Close vfb
6. Copy the folder and give it a meaningful name
7. Open the vfb contained in the copied folder
8. Do the next step

Then you have not only a protocol in the end, but backup files in the most cases. And even if you have 1000 folders in the end, disc space is not expensive.

Unfortunately I actually cannot help. But maybe the FontLab people can help, if you send your vfb to them.

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On a related note, it’s really worthwhile to buy a big backup desk and just use Time Machine to backup your files. It’s saved my ass many times.

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Adam Twardoch wrote an extremely helpful macro that saves a versioned copy of your file each time you save it. I have been using it for years.

It does not seem to be online anymore – maybe he is willing to re-publish it?

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I cannot find it right now -- could you send it to me per e-mail? :)


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did you contact FontLab Support with your problem?


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No, but I will, thanks everyone.

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For the record, I managed to save the major part by copying and pasting code parts from a functional .vbf-file

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