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Antique Photo

i kinda wanted to match type for a headline to the period feel to this photo from 1924 and i figgered it gives me an excuse to finally license some type from Letterhead Fonts. Problem is: i'm not sure what to choose.

I kinda like Fire House, but i kinda want something not so flashy??? *unsure* Maybe Argentine would be nice or Boston Truckstyle? or maybe someone can suggest something outside of LHF.

I'll probably use Copperplate Gothic for some accompanying text, so mixing well with that is another requirement.

Anyhow, lemme know quick... I hafta have this done by Friday and preferably much sooner. Thnx for yer help!

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John Downer ought to know something about that. Consider: Brothers

After cruising around the link that hrant posted elsewhere, Thalia might work depending on the headline, or if budget is an issue.

And just for fun, and since you mentioned fire engine lettering, the following are two photos from the Window Lettering workshop at Typecon with John Downer and Leonard Otillio. Here Leonard has silkscreened down the black and a dull bevel varnish, and is laying down the gold leaf:

After that's dry, holes have been patched, and backing applied, the excess leaf is rubbed off. After the leaf went on I was skeptical of how nice it would come out because it was so wet and wrinkly. Not so. Nice don't begin to describe the result. Check that bevel varnish now. Sweet golden goodness.

He said he does this on firetrucks too, but most often what you see around is done cheaply with pre-made vinyl letters. Fun to learn more about this niche field.


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hey thanks randy! nice photos, btw.

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