Which type to pair with logo?

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I have looked at A LOT of type to pair with this logo and I think I have decided on the the one that works best.

I'm not going to say which, but I'd like to see if others choose the same one I have.

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Very spontaneous: Number 2, among other things because of the contrast of typeface and logo, which means, that I did not take the very darker ones into consideration because of the big contrast. And the rest is just feeling.

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Is "none of the above" a good answer? ;-)
Jokes aside, they all seem a little too rigid compared to the logo.
I like #3, but, as Arno said, it's too dark.

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I'd agree that #2 is perhaps best in terms of fitting with the style of the mark (but maybe it's really a tad too spiky); I'd think #3 is too plump. And perhaps obviously, anything [strongly] slanted would make zero sense with that mark, and a name with «balance» in it.
All that said, without knowing the context it's really impossible to say what kind of font you should pick: with a script font this seems more yoga/dance-y, whereas paired with a sans it might come across more sporty or wellness-like. Stylistic matching isn't the only dimension to consider.

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My vote goes to #2 as well, though for some reason I wish the R was different. What typeface is that?

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I'd like #3, but I'd want the line weight in the illustration plumped up to match.

#2 is good, and does match the line weight better, but with the rigid vertical flag pole, I think the vertical straightness of #3 works better.

Small nitpick on the logo...I'd like to see the hands above not quite meet, just as the feet below don't quite close in .

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My choice was #3. I do see that the line weights don't match so I may have to adjust the logo accordingly. Unless someone has a similar type to recommend that matches the weight better. I also think I will tuck the type under the bent knee and try to connect the "b" in banlance to the foot.

A bit of background. This logo is for a golf and yoga seminar company. The target demo is women aged 25+ in a higher income bracket.

Thanks for all of the imput. I will post an upadated version as soon as possible.

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@melo #2 is Fertigo Pro Script

@aluminum I will make a separated hands version and see what people think.

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Logo with thickened lines:

With thickened lines and hands apart:

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What if the stem of the 'b' became the flagpole, and the bowl became the hole? Might or might not work.

- Lex

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I like Lex's suggestion :-)

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I still find Cocktail Shaker slightly too plump/round/short/comfy for this job, but if you do go with it I'd maybe try making the crossbar of the "t" less prominent (shorter).

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@Lex I see what you're saying but I don't want to fix the type to the mark. I want to be able to separate them for golf balls and other swag.

@altaira I do see it as too plump as well. I'm going to have to look for something else. Any suggestions for an upright script?

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I like the mark plumper, for sure. There's still an inconsistency in the line quality between the mark and the type, though.

The type has a variable weight stroke. It might be interesting to incorporate that into the more prominent strokes in the mark (outer two). have the lines a little thinner than now in spots and a little thicker than now in others.

Also, IMHO, the latest lock-up has the mark too close to the type. I think there needs to be some breathing room between the two.

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I'm not sure, I think it's more than stroke weight… the figure is balancing and rising up almost like a flame while the x-height region of the type is crouching around on the baseline. But really, maybe it's just me.
The bad news is I suck at scripts, and can't think of anything right now that I'd think might be a better fit. :-\

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I think this is what I'm going with:

Sonora. It matches the stroke weight and a fun feel that the client wanted. The stems are not as upright as I would have liked but I still believe it is a good fit.

Thanks again for all of your feedback.

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