Canary Hair & Beauty

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Just wanted to show the progression of this identity so far. It's a while from finished but I'm trying to get as much feedback as possible, hopefully create my first identity that is worthy of putting into a portfolio. :)

Please keep in mind these are at various stages of presentation, so if possibly to remove that from your opinion and focus on the ideas that would be much appreciated and more useful for me.

Original concepts

Concepts given by another friendly forum go-er

2nd round

3rd round

4th round

Latest incarnation

edit: Thankyou Michel for explaining that for me, I will keep the images a bit narrower as well in the future. :)

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how do I upload to Typophile so I can use img src="xxx.jpg" / format to display images?

You click on "Insert image" below the text frame:

The file is then transferred and insertion is performed using a format with brackets instead of <img src = ...> For details on admissible tags, see

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No cages! (they send the wrong message)
The silhouette in the first samples looks wrong (head, leg).
I really like the one with the birdie inside the C.

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I think I'm getting closer, this is FEELING much more like a logo...

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this is FEELING much more like a logo

Maybe, but far less like hair & beauty.

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IMO, 3rd/4th round had a much nicer feel. I would definitely use 'anary' from those rounds, and definitely leave in the slight differences between the 'a's.

I also don't think that the yellow paint strokes work.

- Lex

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I'd go with this one.

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The use of the bird is excellent. I really enjoy the one you have with the bird coming out of the 'Y', but I have to agree with Riccard0 and that you are losing the Hair/Beauty concept.

If you feel it right, continue with the one above my post with the bird in the 'C'. I know it is a script font but perhaps some tweaking is in order.

Personally, I think to achieve that Hair/Beauty concept you should track it out some. Give it a little more open and airy feeling.

Most of all, great concepts and sketches.

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I came to the same conclusion as Penn and ink.

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I didn't see that one in there. I think it's the best as well.

- Lex

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I agree with Penn as well. It's quite lovely.

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That one jumped out at me right away too, much more elegant and subtle.

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4th sample, top left.

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#3 from the first image speaks to me the most. I would refine the canary silhouette though. Try making it less dense, maybe render it in some fluid brush strokes that match the weight of the typeface you used in that particular example.

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Agree with, that immediately stood out as the strongest. The restrained use of the silhouette really makes it work. The only thing I would take a look at would be how "Health & Beauty" relates to "Canary". The width is in that in-between, neither here nor there space, and the relation to "y" feels a little awkward. I think it's the good type choice though.

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