ID misc. serif, por favor

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Here it is...

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I would go with ITC…

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Lots of Benguiat/Lubalin there. Not with that s-t ligature though.

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yeah it looks as though the letter forms had been slightly altered, by whoever designed that logo, to make the s + t join. i get the feeling that it was Frankenstein'd from 2 (maybe even 3) different typefaces fused together.

my guess is that it's a child of the Benguiat/Caslon persuasion. and possibly a third...?
i'm not familiar w/ Lubalin so i can't say...

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"Frankensteined" is about right. The F serif says Caslon to me too. That C serif looks grotesquely squared off. I'm not impressed with this work, and I think someone with marginal skills mangled a font that was handy to create a fairly ugly logo. If it's to be your job to re-do it, I'm sure you can improve it.

- Mike Yanega

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