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Am working on my portfolio for design school reviews and wanted to create a 'mark' to represent me. Did something really simple and solid - My initials AR. Wanted the mark to be solid so that it can work well independently as well as when layered over patterns and textile print designs.

Will add my name beneath it..This is the first time I've tried to design a logo from scratch. This is sort of a crude illustrator trace from my sketch.

Let me know what you think..

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It’s plumb. It cries for more symmetry, especially with regard to the width of the two letters. And the combination of lower case and uppercase does not work here, at least not actually. And the strokes are unclean. I mean, they vary in a unnatural way. Really, because I don’t see potential for improvements, because there is too much wrong, I recommend to draw it on paper and then to optimize it in Illustrator, especially if you are not experienced in Illustrator.

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The forms are sortof strange, but your initials, AR have a lot of potential. The mixing of lowercase/capitals doesn't really work here but it is possible and can turn out really nicely.

I think your issue at the moment is that your glyphs are just way too diffrent, and especially the R looks strange, the stroke that is forming the leg is pasted on and makes the form feel bulky.

Think first on what kind of style you want to use for your branding/monogram, stick with the modern style ? then I'd try to come up with some more interesting shapes and the balance of the letters.

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What about upper case? AR like Æ? Should work.

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I would suggest making the line weight alot heavier.

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Wow I just found this site no longer than 5 minutes ago. I am actually having the same exact issue as you, because my initials are AR and I am currently working on a personal logo myself. I actually think the LOGO is perfect it just needs to be skewed or distorted. It seems like your trying to be symmetrical and if that is the case you could try reflecting either the A or the R across the Y axis

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