(x) Cannot remember what font I used / bold serif - (similar to) Skolar {Akos P}

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In this logo test:

Thanks for your help!

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I've attached the image:

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Looks like Skolar Bold to me.

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I would guess a lighter weight (Semibold), but I think Skolar is the right answer.

- Mike Yanega

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Yes, it is the best typeface in the world: http://type-together.com/Skolar
… but honestly, it could be Malaga as well. This sample is quite small to tell them apart.
Hm. if I may make an unbiased suggestion, use Skolar. :)

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@Mike: You might be right.
@David: Looks like it's meet the author day :) And a fellow Central-European as well! Congratulations, by the way, it's a lovely face.

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