(x) Dalton Maag: Urban Splash - custom {Bruno Maag}

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Dalton Maag created a font for the Urban Splash project. It's not for sale on DM's website. Does anyone know the font and/or where it's available.

Thx a lot!

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You could just send ’em a mail and ask ’em.

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It is a nice font, isn't it? :-)
The font also contains many alternative glyph designs to allow the design team at Urban Splash typographic variation. The font is indeed not for sale as it is an exclusive to Urban Splash.

Dalton Maag

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You can see a few of those alternates here:
Bruno Maag @ Typostammtisch Berlin

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To bad it's not for sale ;(
Are there any similar fonts available, maybe?

Thanks fot your comments.

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