PC TrueType font naming?

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I am and always have been a Mac user, and have never really understood the PC world very well. When generating TrueType fonts for the PC platform I mostly let Fontographer do whatever it thought was best.

Unfortunately, a font of mine apparently has a problem on some PCs. It has two styles: regular and small caps. When both styles are installed, only one shows up. A user reported that she could only access Small Caps, but when someone else tried it in XP, he could only access Regular. When only one style is installed, apparently it works properly.

It seems to me that font naming is probably the cause of the problem. Can anyone more experienced in the PC world advise me on how to name these fonts so that when both are installed they both show up? If I regenerate these fonts in FontLab will I have better luck?

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Windows font families are limited to 4 styles: regular, italic, bold and bold italic. So you need to have two families:

MyFont Smallcaps

Each of your two fonts will be considered the 'regular' font for the respective family. The family name functions as the menu name.

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