PHL Solari Departure Board

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This is a sample from the Solari split-flap "Train Information" board at Amtrak's PHL 30th St. Station. I suspect the typeface on the flaps is a custom job (presented as monospaced on single-character flaps, but kerned on longer place-name flaps), but I'm looking for something with a similar feel. So far the best I've got is Whitney Condensed Book or Medium; which will work fine, but I still wanted to see if there were any other opinions.


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Frutiger & Myriad are somewhat similar (see the "R")…
But would you want a monospaced font to replicate this sort of setting?

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It doesn't have to be monospaced, but narrower M's and W's help.

Frutiger looks a lot rounder than this to me; even the condensed version. Myriad is even further in that direction. I'd really like to replicate the slightly cold industrial feel. Perhaps I'll have to settle on one of these and modify it slightly.

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