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Second iteration of a logo I did last year. Trying to fix it up for this years event, but something looks off too me. This stacked version is the primary lockup we'll be using it in, but the type seems off to me. The typeface and the mark aren't up for changes, but help with the arangement in a stacked version would be great.

Any thoughts?

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Perhaps it's an issue with too much whitespace between "podcamp" and "London"? Especially considering left /p/s descender that is framing the space on the left leaving it sort of flowing out on the right. If you agree, I'd try shrinking "podcamp" a bit so that left p's descender would sit between L and O, and right p's - between O and N, then nudge "podcamp" up and down and see if it helps.

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Like So?

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In that size (!) the fourth one looks the best in my opinion. And in the fourth one podcamp should be dragged a very little bit down. Drag the leaf above podcamp a little bit to the left, because it looks slightly discentered. (Then it maybe needs to be downsized a bit.) And the small leaf at the bottom does not harmony. I think I would remove it or select another one.

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My $.02:

1) Do you really need this much detail in the mark?

2) Not sure about the visual direction/axis the two red leaves/elements open up, it doesn't seem very deliberate? At least, I'm thinking they should be the same shade of red. But you have these two equally strong elements that pull back and forth. I'm probably missing something here, but I don't get what those do, or why one wouldn't suffice.

3) Depending on the size this is going to be used at, the small subline either needs some tracking, or should be set larger overall. It's already a bit hard to read in the large version you posted (compounded by rendering), and becomes rather illegible in the small versions.

BTW, maybe it's just me, but I kinda like the lined-up type, like you had it (so top-left in the bottom samples). I don't think that's a problem. I'd maybe just add a little more white space between the type and the mark if coherence of text block seems to be an issue.

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@Arno Enslin:
The leaf at the bottom is the conuntries national symbol. Can't swap it out with another leaf.

The level of detail has been fine thus far, lots of confrence swag last year without any problems. Anything under an inch, or 30px has an alternative solid shape to use with less details inside. The red leafs are the same shade, I think some of the compresion has made it look like it isn't. The tagline I agree is rather tough to read at most sizes, I try to lose it all together whenever I can get away with it.

The problem I think I have with the current arangement is the space inbetween the p and the n. It's just odd looking too me with the P and L framing the left side of the type.

Here's a larger version.

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I think it's a scale issue. The image need to be either larger or smaller than the current in comparison to the type. Right now, they are weighted equally and they seem to be competing.

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I'd say the issue is the amount of leaves in the image itself, and the leaves beaing very 'heavy' on the right side (not sure how to say it otherwise)

Have you tried to rotate it a small bit ? lengthen the stem of the leaves a small bit then and I think it should work a bit better.

I'm also not sure if the red leaf has to be repeated, it makes it a bit fussy, as if it shouts 'remember me !' I'ts a nice touch but I think it isn't needed, and with such an ornamental logo it's better to ditch everything you don't need.

So in short: drop one of the second red leaves, lose some of the smaller leaves, perhaps even ditch the light green color ones totally, rotate it a bit so the balance of the image doesn't hang that much to the right.

Actually that wasnt very short but I'd think it's a bit clearer.

I like the design though !

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Did you design podcamp Toronto? If not, Have you seen it?

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The overall shape of the leaves are composed to mimic the shape of the standard podcamp logo. Each city take the parent brand and customizes it to represent their event. We've also used the mark fairly extensivly at this point in posters, stickers, banners, ect. So the mark is set in stone at this point. The type however I was worried about.

@TKDesign: Yep that was me. I also did a new logo for PodCamp Montreal but I don't think they'll be using it. Did you attend PCTO?

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