(x) What font is this? / 'DE VOS' techno outline font - probably custom {Elzo, Mike Y}

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what font is this?
thank you

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Most probably not a font, handdrawn considering the clumsy D and S.
If you need to redo it, you could start with Futura or Nobel...

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Valerie, did you try to post this twice? At least I notice you have two posts with identical titles. Would you please use a more unique title, so that each post can be recognized in the list of threads?

It helps if you tell us something about the style, since some of us specialize and would look at those styles we are best at identifying. It also helps if you give the sample words, or letters, in the title. This helps those who were looking for your question, find it again hours or days later.

For example you could edit the title of this thread to be "DE VOS techno outline font" (as the originator, you can edit the title of your own thread).

Welcome to Typophile, by the way. I hope you don't mind my Titling lesson.

- Mike Yanega

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