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We are working on a cover for our book. We want to give a friendly first impression to a potentially intimidating topic. We have a great sculpture by Ann Smith as the centerpiece, but I'd like some feedback on choosing a typeface and layout. Right now we have 115% horizontally stretched Futura for the title text.

I've posted four design mock-ups to give you an idea, in addition to the preview above.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Good to know. I should just choose from the hundreds of other typefaces that fit the bill w/o modification. Any favorites come to mind?

I wrote a script that rendered our title in all the fontshop and linotype sans options, and it is a bit overwhelming to try to choose. Avenir? Compati Fact? Finnegan?

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I'd try Zag. It can be used clean or with the leafy flourishes, which might be a good fit for computers and biology?

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Thanks Dave. Zag does look fun, though the flourishes are only on the super light version? Could manually recreate some I suppose.

I was somewhat convinced we wanted something on the plump side, but this face doesn't look austere at all.

Do the basic layouts look viable?

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the flourishes are only on the super light version

Maybe you could stack them.

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The bird is a really fun image, and well photographed, but the typography is a real problem, and lets down the cover. I'd be happy to do some work with it on spec, if that's something you'd be interested in?

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