(x) What is the "your neighbours" website font ? - a New Yorker {Patrick Witmer}

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Could anyone tell me what's the font used for the title of the site Your Neighbours ?
Here is a screenshot :

Thanks for your help :)


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Reminds me of The New Yorker font, which sorry, I don't know what that is.

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Hey hey,
thanks your right :)
The name of the font is... "New Yorker" :D

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BTW, it’s not Wiescher’s version – see the E and the S, for example.

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We have talked about the various New Yorker fonts (Irvin was the metal type original) a few times. I think the Rakowski version called "Upper West Side" was the only one with the correct Q. There is also one called "Manhattan".

- Mike Yanega

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