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Hi Everyone!
This logo is for Elite Plastic Surgery. I know some of you have opinions about glaring typographic errors, etc., and I would love to hear them! Thanks for your help.elite logo

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i think this logo is pretty funny. i always have trouble liking logos where a picture is incorporated into the letters, because you have to try to see a picture and a letter, and you can't see them at the same time.

the first E has a weird ending, and could be better... i would suggest having the line drawing separate from the type. also, why isn't the other E attached?

are the words "Plastic Surgery" going to be incorporated?

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looks a little op art to me. like something you'd see in the New Yorker a decade ago.

However, the idea of the letters 'drawing' the face is a good idea. I just think here your E is getting wonky, try looking at the E without the face, as just a letter.

perhaps the face is more idiographic/abstract. the face profile could be circular and tie in better with the E. your letters could be a geometric sans serif. something contemporary and sleek. I think this would be more fitting for a plastic surgery clinic named Elite.

also, for another concept the E could be an eye.

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"looks a little op art to me. like something you'd see in the New Yorker a decade ago."

Peter, try the 1920's

I like it, maybe a Deco revival could be the next big thing.

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Do they still call it 'plastic' surgery? I thought they prefer 'cosmetic' these days...

I like the whole concept/style. I agree that perhaps you're forcing the 'e' a bit too much.

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A Deco revival

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The face seems as if it is being forced into the shape of the "e". At first glance, I just kept staring at the face wondering what was going on there instead of reading "elite". That might bring up some issues because if the name gets lost when people look at this, it will defeat the purpose of conveying the brand.

The face looks like a football player from the 1920s, where a facemask wasn't a part of the helmet. Also, I thought of Amelia Eahart with the old pilot style cap which is confusing.

I see what you're trying to do here by making the swash of the "l" cross the eye of the graphic. But it almost looks painful, almost poking into the eye which is probably not what the surgeon wants to convey.

Also, the face seems as if it is worried or concerned, as opposed to being happy and excited about surgery which might convey the wrong message.

Try to do some more research into the plastic surgery market in general, and ask the client some more specific questions to come up with more solutions.

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Unless the Plastic Surgery is about correcting an accident or birth defect, then its about self esteem. The illustration could use refinement but its a great start. What era was more self assorbed then pre-depression America. The Illustration alludes to what you might want to achieve, captured youth, beauty? I'm not ready to say this isn't a way to go. Why look like every other Plastic Surgent. Dam the research

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I would suggest ditching graphic representations
and focus solely on a wordmark for Elite.
Does the client want upscale and classy?
A custom script or a delicate serif might
do the job.

Scriptwise, there are wonderful opportunities with the:
* Capital E
* the i-t combo (dot on the 'i', crossbar on the 't'
* and the lowercase finishing 'e'

You might find success sketching softly
with a light pencil and trying as many
variations as you can.

just suggestions.

Also, the 'lite' that you have
could be revised into something pretty nice.


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Thanks again, everyone!
The client specified that he wanted a female profile and I wanted to stray from any predictability. This was the only thing he was specific about. Now, against any of Daniel's endearing support for Deco surgery, I must say that I'll re-open this logo when we get a fashion cosmetic client. Well, it was fun to work on while the moment lasted. Your comments are much appreciated!

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if the clients needs to have the profile, try looking at some profiles of women. try to determine which one represents the perfect profile. This profile looks awkward and doesnt tell me that this is a credible plastic surgen. otherwise its a beautiful mark but not sure if it fits.

I would try talking the client into making a logotype, like bj said.

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i rather like it. with the script, it looks like some of warhol's commercial illustration work from the 1950s.

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I like it.

If you have any for eye surgery and have suggestions, do comment.

Nice Work !!

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If he wants a profile, what about a much more abstract representation? By drawing the entire head I think it comes off as a bit almost cartoony, if you were to just use something like a single line for the face in a side profile I think you could lend a much more upscale look to it.

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it was 5 years ago. Spam brought it out of the depths

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doh...I imagine it's done by now then :)

this is what I get for posting before coffee.

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Fusion beans, perhaps?


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Unfortunately no, I'm out. I need to make up a reason to meet with the client to get more free coffee ;)

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