Thready font

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I'm looking for a super thin, gestural (flowing), fun and perhaps somewhat feminine display typeface that screams THREAD. Y'know, like yarn but skinnier.

Most of my collection is serious Modernist business, so this is a little out of my experience. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

B. Electro

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Handsome Thin is fully cursive.

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Yeah- that's nice! I wasn't even thinking "cursive" but I like, I like. Rough esp.

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What about these circled in red? Probably custom jobs, right? But if I could find a face that gets me halfway there I could do the rest by hand.

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I'd say those samples you've shown are lettering and not a typeface. While not particularly legible they work, perhaps, in those instances but I doubt they'd work as well as Nick's Handsome.

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What about these circled in red?

Those are more of upright geometric monolinear script genre. You could do a search of Typophile ( if you're using Google) to find several suggestions.
But, as Miss T said, Handsome is more "thread".

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Yes, you're correct- they're more lettering than actual typeface. The description "monolinear" is helpful thanks. Last night I tried searching "single line font" and ended up in CNC router land...Anyway, I appreciate your replies.

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