font similar to Regal Pro (parachute)

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Looking for something a little similar (Image is takenfrom Creative characters, MyFonts newsletter)

Thanks in advance!


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The uprights have a lot of Caslon feeling (except for the "Prada" R). I would start there...


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Thanks Stefan,

Exactly what I was looking for!


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I'm looking for this as well, I found:

Dala Floda by Commercial Type, it has the stencil form whi is great for me.

Narsizz, has that fashion Magazine feel to it.

Hera Big, by Lucas Sharp

I am looking for something along these lines, but with an "s" with ball terminals at both ends, like the italic "s" in Dala Foda, or the upright "s" in Hera Big. Any suggestions?

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