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Hey all, I am currently involved in a branding project for a skatepark located in east Oslo. We have finally agreed on a direction with the design, but I am struggling with the details. Basically, the symbol is based around the idea of a monogram inside of a wheel-nut, with the type and the supporting pieces resembling pieces/angles you would find in a skatepark. The type is set in Bureau Agency, as I wanted a geometric and somewhat constructivist looking typeface to go with the symbol. However, I can't find a good way to get the two to play off each other properly. In the top example the hexagonal is with straight edges, and the type set straight forward. In the middle example, the outline of the hexagonal is rounded to resemble the type more, and in the bottom example the hexagonal is straight, and the type is modified to resemble it instead. The circle between the words is symbolizing a wheel, and the odd letters are symbolizing tricks/jumps and add a bit of playfulness. Any thoughts,comments etc.?



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Do you need the symbol? The type is quite interesting and could likely stand on its own.

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Yeah I suppose I could lose the symbol. They really seemed to like it though, they talked about embroidering it on hats and t-shirts and whatnot. If I were to keep it, which one do you reckon works best? Thanks for your reply!

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The detail is much too fine for a logo, especially if it will be embroidered, or silk-screened on fabric.
Or for that matter, reproduced at small size in pixels.

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Nick; do you mean that there is too much detail in the type or in the symbol? It will mainly be used on 500x700mm posters, stickers, possible on vinyl for some of the ramps in the park, as well as embroidered on caps/t-shirts (only the symbol though).

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Maybe skaters have different graphic sensibilities in Oslo, or maybe you're deliberately staying away from a youth culture/action sports look. But this logo says "vendor of Arts & Crafts furniture" or "boutique architecture firm" to me.

The nut is an interesting shape, but bolder/simpler type and symbol would be more fitting, versatile, and more easily reproduced.

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Yeah the skating scene in Oslo is a bit different, not really sure how to explain it. And yeah, I am also deliberately staying away from the Emerica/DC/Volcom look and going more for the HUF/Vans look. Here are two versions; the first is with the same typography and a bolder symbol, the second is with a simpler typeography (only stroke shaded) and a bolder symbol. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot for the feedback so far guys!

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I do quiet like your design Godal. My initial thoughts when I look at it are a mixture of Volcom's logo (for some reason) and a bit of Bauhaus styling?

I would say it could work as a skate park logo, maybe try removing the hexagon outline though and see how that looks?

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