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please help me with kerning in this logo.
I am trying 2 hours but I am not satisfied...

The font is like Futura, but it was handmade.

Thank you!


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A just short of half of the white on the baseline closer to K. This also implies a bit more space between A and D.
That should do the trick.

(Kerning is balancing the area's between the glyphs. Consider the white space between M and I & between A and D — these should be identical. That's two pairs fixed. Now try the same with the other pairs & you'll come to the same conclusion as I have.)

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Thank you, Bert. Is this better?
Should I move "I" a bit closer to "K"?


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I had a visual formula based on viewing through the middle of the line.
Imagine a basic unit of space being a 1 unit. Vertical letters next to each other is 1 unit of space. A round to a vertical letter would have 3/4 of the unit and round to round would be 1/2 of the unit. Just determine how wide 1 unit is.

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