I cant see my outlines

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Hi everyone,

I have a very script and ornate font that I am trying to generate. Can someone tell me why, when I generate my font, I cannot see the smaller outlines to my font? Also, I might need to pay a company/person to help me generate this font. Can anyone tell me of a company in the L.A. area that can do this for me? Or a freelance Typographer?

Thank you,

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What do you mean - the smaller outlines to my font?

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Well, I have a very script font, like Alejandro Paul's caligraphy- where I have a smaller point size for my ornate lines..and when I bring them over I can't see them. I can only see the main body of my character....

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sounds like you're copying them over from illustrator and the thin lines of your designs are strokes. Expand everything in illustator before copying it across.

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Do you mean that when you're using your generated font in an application the ascenders or descenders are cut off when viewing a few lines of text?

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just a thought... do the outlines have closed paths?

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Hi everyone, and thank you for all of your responses. No, the ascenders and descenders do show, but the script, ornate outlines do not, just the main body of my characters show. I do not know if the outlines have closed paths, could that be the problem? I will outline before I transfer from Illustrator to Fontlab and see what results I get. Thank you again!

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