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Im sure many of you already know about this site but I stumbled upon it a few days ago and it has been my main source of inspiration since.

I love everything about this site... content, look, and functionality...

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Pretty darn cool. Thanks Cris B.


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Yowza! Super cool! Thanks.

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Isn't it super cool?! The content is all amazing... The website has the Flash look without using any flash. it's all Java so it even works on mobile devices...

If you view the profile of each individual artist there is usually a link to their personal portfolio on the web... check them out!

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Very cool stuff over there. Thank you for sharing. :)

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Totally totes! I need to learn Java (and flash)! And I'm obsessed with their individual sites! My site stinks. MUST do better.

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Thanks for the site, already found some designs that have inspired some of my uni work.

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Glad to share! My site needs a serious update as well. I have noticed that a lot of designers are now managing there sites with Wordpress(Not using templates). It makes it much easier to manage content.

Here are two portfolio sites that are powered by Wordpress

This is probably the route I will end up going in.

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Is it possible to contribute posters to your site?

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Dezcom- isn't my site. just something I found while doing research. They have a ton of samples with a lot of Diversity so I wouldn't be surprised if they are always looking for new talent...

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