Student to visit an Environmental Design firm

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My apologies if this is not the right forum, however I felt it may be a good place to start.
I am a student in my final semester at college and working on a research project about Environmental Design.

I am hoping you all could provide some suggestions as to Design firms that specialize in this area and would be willing to let me shadow with them for a day in order to get a better understanding of what goes into projects of this type.

I am in Rochester, NY, but I can travel if needed. If possible, you might suggest firms in the Philadelphia/Baltimore/DC area, or Denver/Boulder area, as I have friends/family in these areas who would be able to accommodate me.

Thank you so much for any suggestions or even a point in the right direction.


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Yeah, wrong place, pretty much. We are type designers and fans here. Environmental design is something else (although that is not to say someone here doesn't dabble in that as well). is a place that might help

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Thank you for the response Don. I will check that out.

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I am getting the feeling from the searching I have done so far, as well as your response, that I am not using the correct term "Environmental Design". I am looking for firms that do way-finding, signage, and maps.

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No, the term is correct but I think Don interpreted it as "designing in a environmentally sustainable way" - which is still an excellent thing to do. I'm not too familiar with any design groups that specifically specialize in way-finding, signage and maps in your area. In my experience it seems to be done by just regular design groups, not necessarily specialized. You may want to check with local museums, art galleries, etc. and see who they use. Good luck!

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Society for Environmental Graphic Design

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SEGD is almost useless. You might flip through various books on signage and jot down the various companies named. I’m sure Paula Scher and Michael Bierut at Pentagram would love to have you drop by if you could arrange to arrive on a slow day.

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> SEGD is almost useless


> I’m sure Paula Scher and Michael Bierut at Pentagram...

...would ask you not to insult Michael Gericke (Pentagram) --
SEGD-- Board of Directors

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I don’t have to pretend to be impressed with SEGD, nor be nice to somebody just because he’s on their board. I know almost exactly nothing of Gericke or his work, and if either were interesting that would be true on their own merits independent of SEGD.

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I'd follow Joe's suggestion. There are SO many books available now which include the companies' information that it should be easy to find some. And don't forget to look at the major design magzine annuals as well.

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Lebowitz/Gould Design:

> I know almost exactly nothing of Gericke or his work

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I am sure that SEGD would be a wonderful resource, IF I could justify paying the $500 annual membership. Thank you all for the input though!

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