A complemental typeface for Avant Garde Gothic Pro

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Hi I am currently looking for a complemental font to go with Avant Garde Gothic Pro.
I will be using it for kind of short length text.
My problem is that AGGP Draws alot of attention to itself and I need to find a balance between the copy text and the display font (which will be AGGP)

Right now I am thinking of using any of the web-safe fonts to have it a bit easier on my online portfolio.
But I am not quite shure any of them serifs will do the job.

But what do you think am I stupid or do you have any suggestions?

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Do you want to echo the geometric design? Then maybe take a look at Schadow and Candida.
Or a rather broad face like Century – not the most beautiful font ever, but it get's shipped with OS/Software.
Similar fonts from that category (Transitional) should work as well.

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The combination Avant Garde Gothic / New Century Schoolbook is an old Apple classic -- LaserWriter IIg documentation, that era.

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Thank you for the advice!

I went with the combination Avant Garde and New Century Schoolbook. - the LaserWriter 11g - era it suited well for the purpose!

Thanks again!

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