Oldstyle figure height for currency symbols?

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It's something I've never thought much about but I've seen it in a few fonts of late. Some fonts with oldstyle figures include currency symbols at or near the smallcap/OSF height. It seems like a good idea if you're going to have oldstyle numbers, but how frequently is this done? And which symbols should correspond to which of the varying number heights?

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Depending on the font, I make up all the currency symbols, a numbersign, and the arithmetic operators. Size & position to fit comfortably with all the old-style numbers -- a bit of compromising is involved. Switched with the numbers in the lnum and onum features.

Also a colon, so, for example, 12:24 spaces better than the with the text colon. I include i, v, and x in the conditional set to include front matter roman numerals.

Again depending on the font, I may make up a tabular comma and period as well.

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My recent practice has been to include three sets of currency symbols:

If I am feeling particularly ambitious, I also include superior currency symbols:

(The fonts cost a bit more than that.)

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> (The fonts cost a bit more than that.)

Just as long as they don't cost 158 Euros in Europe, 158 pounds in England, and $158 in the US.

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The Mod Suite fonts are U.S. $78 each.
The way things are going, that will be €78 and £78 pretty soon, not to mention Canadian $78, which it is already.

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