No. 2 Plain Egyptian Blunt Type

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A revival of an old sign painters’ lettering demonstrated by Alf Becker in Signs of the Times March 1950.


from the Fontry...

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That's an interesting question mark. It seems awkward but maybe that's because I'm not used to seeing question marks look quite like that.

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That's an aggressive &! ;-)

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bemerx25: I would love to see some examples of question marks from signs and posters of that era. The examples I found were not suitable for this letter style. I guess the biggest problem is that signs and posters don't generally have question marks.

riccard0 : Aggressive? I wasn't aware that an ampersand could be aggressive.

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I wasn't aware that an ampersand could be aggressive.

Neither was I. Until I saw this. Look how it's ready to jump over the unsuspecting letter on its right side... ;-)

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A couple of other options I was tinkering with...

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I personally like the "aggressive" & better (but the new center one is cute too).
For the ?, what about something like the upper part of 3 (including the flat vertical terminal)?

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Reminds me of Maple’s question mark!

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I'd say totally keep the ampersand structure you had (if you must, add an alternate). It works, and this form is nice and rare enough. I'd only maybe make it a little less wide.

BTW, is that a dollar sign next to the @? It looks like it's trying to be a punctuation mark of some sort. :-)

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altaira : The examples of dollar and cents sign I found from Becker and Atkinson had a dot or a triangle under the rest of the glyph.

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We've created a free for person use version. Please feel free to download it and let me know what you think.


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